About Us

“We want each of our timeless piece of jewellery to tell a story, a story of our legacy & our passion for designing the finest jewellery.”

Rohit Choksi

Circa 1962, in Patan – an ancient Gujarati town famous for its rich patolas and the Rani Ki Vav – an enterprising resident Ishwarlal Harjivandas Choksi set up a small jewellery shop in a busy marketplace. Soon enough it became the place to buy excellent quality gold jewellery. In 1988, his son Rohit Choksi moved the business to CG Road in Ahmedabad – which is today a mecca for jewellery shoppers. With diligent dedication and hard work, the brand was able to establish trust within Ahmedabad also. In 1993, Rohit choksi brother Bipin choksi who was a diamond retailer there, joined hands with them too. From selling just gold and silver, they were now working in diamonds, polki, gem stones and much more. By 2007 they had bought the 2nd dealership for Platinum jewellery in India. With such steady growth, intelligent collaborations and 100% honest and pure hard work, the brand has today made its abode in Ahmedabad.

With platinum being one of their strongholds, apart from expertise in gold, Ishwarlal Harjivandas Jewellers Pvt. Ltd (IH Jewellers) has been able to fuse various metals and stones to create stunning piece that nobody has ever laid eyes on. Their collections includes a range of diamond studded platinum jewellery, traditional antique gold jewellery and a range of jewellery imbued with precious stones. The brand also has an in-house certified gemologist, who can even guide you on the precious stones and their auspiciousness. For Ishwarlal Harjivandas Jewellers Pvt. Ltd (IH Jewellers), royalty is all about feeling good from within, whether you buy a slim platinum band or an expensive choker. And making clients feel good is something that they do very well.